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Dating Webmasters Submission Rules

Dating Webmasters Submission Rules. Please read the rules before submitting your dating site to our directory.

Rules For Submission:

Sorry, submissions closed until further notice

1. Please ensure that you have our text link in place on your index, main or a category page.
2. Give us a good link and we'll give you a good link in return. Please don't bury our link.
3. Sites that have more than 50% affiliate links won't be listed. You must have some content.
4. If your site re-directs to another page or domain, you won't be listed.
5. One console permitted, preferable a blur or exit. Absolutely no pop-up hell.
6. No sites hosted on free servers will be listed. Buy a domain name & hosting.
7. Please make sure that your site description is more than two or three words in length.
8. No sites discriminating against others. Either racially or any other way.

Choose one of the following text links:

Online Dating & Matchmaking - Online dating directory featuring worldwide, regional and niche dating services, personals, tips, advice and matchmaking.

Online Dating & Matchmaking - Dating directory with free dating services, adult dating, dating tips and advice, dating reviews, premium dating, international, US and UK dating. Whoever you are, wherever you are, you'll find something in here that's just for you.

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