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10 Tips for frugal daters

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10 Dating Tips For Frugal Daters: By

You have found a possible soul mate, but now you are worried of the cost of the whole wooing process because you�re on a thrifty budget. Well, do not fret over it because there are alternative ideas. It is possible to date with little or no cash flow and it can allow you to be creative while having a frugally fun time.

1. Do some star gazing at a local college observatory. It is open to the public during the school year and it�s absolutely free.

2. Feel one with nature. Have a picnic and explore a state or national park   (admission is typically under $10 or free).

3. See a music laser show at a planetarium for around $6.00.

4. Check out a poetry reading or other events at a bookstore. Sometimes snacks or beverages are provided.

5. Create a food themes night and cook each other a dinner and appetizer at home.

6. Check out local arts festivals, craft fairs, flea markets or antiques fairs. Admission is typically under $10.

7. Attend a beer or wine tasting. At less than $10 each, you get more buzz for your buck!

8. Swing is back. Take a dance lesson and tear up the dance floor with the hottest moves. Often, the first lesson is free.

9. Attend a student art show. Often the shows are free and refreshments follow.

10. Rent your favorite movies or see an IMAX movie for under $10.

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